Algorithms are changing the world but people are (still) the dominant success factor for organisations.

People are the enablers of transforming organizations

Executive Search 4.0 : “traditional handpicking” with digital support


Executive and Non-Executive Search

We build on more than 30 years of experience with Board and C-level executive search for national and international organizations.

Even though digital recruitment and assessment of candidates seems to have become common practice, we foresee that the recruitment of Executives (and Non-Executives) and C-level top talent will remain a matter of hand-picking, be it with digital support in the tracing and assessment of possible candidates.

Individual and Team Assessments

Great assessments bring efficiency and invaluable strategic insights to the diagnostic process of determining – and developing – the fit between people and jobs that facilitates top performance and organizational growth.To achieve this, an assessment tool must be carefully aligned with the selection, staffing, performance management or talent development process it is to deliver on. It also must be a quality tool, one with a perspective that has been tested and can therefore be trusted. With that in place, an organization can count on the expert input made available by the assessment to act as a neutral and additional voice in the internal decision-making processes. 

Career management

In these complex times in which we live and do business, the only certainty we have is the certainty of constant change. This is a reality that also needs to be taken into account in career planning. 

The reasons for looking out for another position may vary significantly. It may be the impact of a new business strategy on the organizational structure, a centralization of roles, a merger, yet also an ever increasing urge to continue working after the statutory retirement age.Facilitating a next step with structure, inspiration and an acceleration of the process by joining forces with experts and coaches will ensure that worries about the career switch will be converted into a positive experience and into the identification and capturing of opportunities. 

Digital Sounding Board

Based on talks with CEOs, Board members and Supervisory Board members, we have developed the concept of a Digital Sounding Board, which is custom-made and will be developed in dialogue with the client (Supervisory Board and/or Board of Directors). There are two possible options: one with young people up to the age of 30, and one consisting of experienced CDOs/CIOs/CTOs and successful ICT entrepreneurs. 

Digital Business Scan

The Digital Business Scan (DBS) gives the Supervisory Board and/or Executive Board members a fundamental understanding of their own IT position and the control thereof, including the relevant functioning of the Supervisory Board and Board of Directors themselves. For this purpose, the DBS investigates the quality of the IT, apart from the IT control, and whether the current IT status is appropriate for the type of organization.

E-competence framework

E-CF® NEXT : Mastering the digital skills of your business

Finding and keeping IT talent with the right digital skills & experiences is one of the biggest problems organizations face. Even in this digital age, outdated methods are used to source talent and create learning programs. Decisions are made based on resumes, not on proven skills. These methods are time-consuming, costly & full of guesswork. This is why E-CF® NEXT has been developed.

E-CF® NEXT measures your digital skills to identify your strengths, skills gaps, and future development paths.


Scarcity of “digital executives” a great challenge for the executive search industry.

Boards are not “digitally ready” is the common finding of international consulting firms. This is a very serious risk factor for the ongoing digital transformation of organisations. One of our service offerings is the recruitment of Digital Non Executive Boardmembers who can add their expertise to the boards. For Boards it is key to get […]

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