Individual and team assessments

When evaluating potential candidates for vacancies, both internally and externally, assessments are universally accepted as being valuable tools. Using assessments to help measure and accelerate the development of individuals and teams is less common – but equally valuable on the short and long term. Knowing exactly what doesn’t work leads to solutions that do. Using executive assessments that get a lot of publicity might seem like a safe approach, but often doesn’t deliver the desired results. These (colorful) instruments lack scientific validation and have little to no practical value, which leads to a low return on investment and diminishes the credibility of the executives involved.

Our Development Diagnostics, on the other hand, can be used throughout the entire life cycle of an employee – to determine whether they are suitable for certain jobs, to help improve performance, to foster synergy and collaboration in teams, to set goals for career development and to facilitate outplacement.

Discover the advantages of:

Individual and team assessments


Unique Development Diagnostics

Our Development Diagnostics can be applied throughout the entire life cycle of your employees. This integrated approach guarantees long-term value for your organization.


Assessments for every organization

We have a wide range of available options, with 30 different assessments to determine differences in skill level, preferences, strengths and competences for individuals and teams.


Internationally certified

Our assessment professionals have international certification, with certificates from the British Psychological Society and the Harvard faculty, among others.

Growth for people and businesses

Depending on the business results you wish to achieve, we will choose a specific mix of assessments out of 30 available options. We can build a tailor-made assessment suite as needed, covering a wide range of topics such as development level, preferred way of thinking, degree of authenticity and personal views, emotional and cognitive capacity, leadership and team skills, conflict resolution and collaboration styles, cultural preferences (national/organizational), and many more.

In each case, our Development Diagnostics focus on creating a process that is constructive and informative for both the individual and the organization. Once the path to development is clear, both the individual’s personal energy and the energy of the organization will lead to positive results and growth.

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