Career management

In these increasingly dynamic times in which we live and do business, the only guarantee we have is that things will keep changing. It’s a reality you need to be aware of, especially when planning your career. Of course, the reasons to look for a new job can vary wildly from one person to the next: from the impact a new business strategy has on the structure of your organization to the centralization of team roles, the changes involved in a merger or even the increasingly common desire to keep working after reaching retirement age.

Whatever the reasons may be, it’s only natural to worry when your role in the organization changes. Fortunately, we can help alleviate these concerns with relative ease by providing you with structure and inspiration, and by accelerating the process with support from experts and coaches. Instead of being weighed down by changes in your position, this will help you will discover new opportunities.

Our Executive Career Update program provides effective coaching for CEOs and executives. We designed this program specifically to help top talent plan their careers and establish a solid plan B. Regardless of the motivation behind your potential career switch, you’ll always have access to the right kind of support.

Discover the advantages of:

Career management


Insight into career opportunities

We give executives and top talent a clear picture of their professional selves and help guide them toward fitting career opportunities.


Practical support

An extensive, pragmatically-oriented program will provide you with the tools and support you need to successfully make a career change.


Coaching outside your current company

We also provide support for top professionals who want to move to a different career outside their current company. This coaching program is only complete when candidates are placed successfully.

The process

After a personal intake with an executive leadership coach and an executive searcher, you will take an online assessment. Once this phase is complete, you will begin a series of coaching sessions that build on the results of the assessment. Clients can then orient themselves on new opportunities within their current organization, or in different organizations and industries. The mentors will help prepare for industry and company-specific explorations and introductions.

Following these steps, clients will enter into initial talks with key figures in their target organizations. Both mentors will help integrate the feedback from these meetings into the plan B.

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