Digital Sounding Board

The Digital Sounding Board concept was developed as an addition to the existing corporate governance structure consisting of a Supervisory Board and a Board of Directors.

Various international studies have shown that many of the Boards are not “digitally ready” and do not have a sufficiently clear idea of the impact and momentum of the digital transformation, also for their own organization.

And if a digital supervisor has joined the ranks of a Supervisory Board at all, it is not always self-evident that he will be accepted by the incumbent experienced directors, who may feel that the digital Supervisory Board members are too young, too unexperienced as directors, too impatient, et cetera.

Based on talks with CEOs, Board members and Supervisory Board members, we have developed the concept of a Digital Sounding Board, which is custom-made and will be developed in dialogue with the client (Supervisory Board and/or Board of Directors). There are two possible options: one with young people up to the age of 30, and one consisting of experienced CDOs/CIOs/CTOs and successful ICT entrepreneurs.

The coordination/coaching of the Digital Sounding Board and the linking-pin role with the Supervisory Board and Board of Directors are in the hands of successful ICT entrepreneurs or senior Chief Digital Officers and CIOs.

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