Executive and non-executive search

In the near future, the complexity and pace of change will put tremendous new pressure on executives and C-level talent. Having the right talent mix at these levels will determine whether organizations can handle transitions successfully. The next decade will be characterized by rapid, far-reaching changes brought on by the ongoing digital revolution and the impact of the circular economy. This will have significant implications for the way you organize and assemble your leadership teams. Holding on to the talent you already have will become more important, as employees who can handle these changes become increasingly scarce. To support this valuable talent, you will need to provide new training and action learning concepts and create a culture where people of all ages will be willing and able to continuously develop their skills.

At the same time, you will need to look attract talent from outside your organization to avoid a shortage of qualified digital professionals. Recruiting executive and top-level talent has always been important to safeguard the future of your business, but its importance will only increase in the years to come. In that light, hiring an executive search agency to help you assemble your dream team makes perfect sense.

Discover the advantages of:

Executive and non-executive search


Adequate team composition

We scout and select your ideal top-level talent and connect them with your company. This will ensure you have an adequate team and are prepared for the future.


Systematic selection

We use a systematic, measurable approach for executive and non-executive search, examining the desired characteristics, values and ambitions of all candidates.


Cross-industry vision

To find the perfect match, we always look beyond our own database. This allows us to compile a creative short list of highly-qualified candidates.

Our approach

Successful recruitment requires thorough preparation. We make an objective contribution to that preparation. Our focused assessments add value to the (subjective) evaluations made by your hiring managers. We can work anywhere, both from our headquarters in Amsterdam and on-site, supported by state-of-the-art software that allows us to trace and assess potential candidates.

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