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Executive Search 4.0

We build on more than 30 years of experience with Board and C-level executive search for national and international organizations.

Even though digital recruitment and assessment of candidates seems to have become common practice, we foresee that the recruitment of Executives (and Non-Executives) and C-level top talent will remain a matter of hand-picking, be it with digital support in the tracing and assessment of possible candidates.

In recent times, many executive search firms have expanded their in-house portfolio of services. We have chosen to remain focused on executive search consultancy. After all, this has been our core business for many years, with a mission statement that goes far beyond a “supply” of candidates as such. In consultation with our clients, we are also able to join forces with external coaches and consultants on a project basis, if relevant. This is how we define Executive Search Consultancy 4.0.

In view of the increasing impact of digitization of organizations, we will continue to invest in the development and preservation of an ecosystem with parties who play active and strategic roles in the digitization of organizations.

Collaboration with members from this ecosystem enables Schaap & Partners to accomplish a wide range of assignments.

A few examples:

  • recruitment of digital Supervisory Board members
  • recruitment/coaching of CIOs/CDOs/Technology Chiefs
  • composition of a digital consulting team for Supervisory Boards and/or Boards of Directors (Digital Sounding Board)
  • assessment concerning the digital functioning of organizations (Digital Business Scan)

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