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People make the difference

The world is heading towards a circular economy in which the application of new technology (for instance artificial intelligence) will play a prominent role.

Also technology has an increasing (disruptive) impact on the way in which companies are set up and do business. There is no company or business sector that will not be faced with digitization or will not be affected in any way by the possibilities that technology has to offer, nor by the threats it poses on today’s business models.

Organizations who are determined to (continue to) play a role in the coming period will need to adopt new forms of management (for instance Agile) with corresponding forms of leadership and supervision.

Another condition for success is that those organizations have a colourful composition (as regards gender, age, nationality, education, et cetera) and provide training & development programmes in order to have sufficient up-to-date expertise and skills at their disposal, and, last but not least, have an open and innovative culture.

We believe that a systematically planned throughput of talent is a crucial factor for the resilience and thus the success of organizations.

Schaap & Partners may provide professional support with in-house assessment and coaching of talent, with the recruitment of external (digital) talent, and with the guidance of talent who will continue their career outside the organization.

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