E-Competence Framework

Finding the right IT talent with the ideal mix of skills, competences and experience is one of the most important challenges companies are facing in the 21st century. E-CF® NEXT is a People Analytics solution for managers, consultants and sourcing specialists who want to make better, data-driven decisions in talent development, sourcing and outsourcing.

E-CF® NEXT provides clear insights into the digital skills your organization needs to succeed in the future. It will not only reveal which areas you already have covered, but also indicate which skills you will need to source or outsource to eliminate digital blind spots. Based on the e-Competence Framework, it provides an overview of 40 IT-related competences (e-competences) that are essential in the digital era.

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E-Competence Framework


Manage digital skills

E-CF® NEXT allows you to manage your company’s digital skill development. This will help ensure that your organization is prepared for the (digital) developments of the future.


Digital competences

E-CF® NEXT provides insight into the digital competences your company needs to stay competitive. This will show you exactly which training and development programs you should invest in.


New roles in IT

E-CF® NEXT paints a clear picture of new roles developing in the IT space, both inside your company and externally, allowing you to change the composition of your team in time.

Make your company digital and future-proof

While investments in training and human development are on the rise, more than half of all companies don’t believe their programs are effective (Deloitte, 2016). E-CF® NEXT provides insight into the digital skills necessary to stay competitive, by taking stock of the digital competences required by specific roles and IT job profiles. This gives you the information you need to select fitting development programs and guide investment decisions.

The demand for IT professionals is growing. Empirica predicts there will be 750.000 new jobs in IT in Europe by 2020. Clearly, the demand for digital competences will only continue to increase. E-CF® NEXT will provide you with the insights you need to anticipate and develop (new) IT roles, both within your organization and outside it.

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